Deborah's passion for art dates back to when she was very young.  She remembers her mother giving her drawing materials and clay.  She worked for hours with the clay molding different animals. She loved to draw and color and paint as well. As she got older she became more and more interested in art and it became her major in high school with a focus on drawing, painting watercolor, oil and acrylic as well as exploring printmaking.  She then went on to art school at Paier School of Art in New Haven, CT. , later becoming interested in stained glass and copper sculpting. She has always had a special interest in painting in watercolors so when she decided to get back to painting about 20 years ago, watercolors was where she decided to return.  That kept her interest for a few years but then she discovered pastels. She could not be more excited about painting in pastels, since she is an avid outdoors person, she loves to capture the things she see in her travels in pastels. She usually carry a sketch pad and camera to capture special moments and subjects that interest her. She enjoys painting landscapes, animals and plants and people in her landscapes. To further her knowledge and techniques she attends many workshops by well known artists.

About 15 years ago she met an artist that would change her art life forever.  Georgina Talarico invited her to paint with her in her studio in pastels, she is a native of Bolognia, Italy where she studied art at the University .  She is accomplished in many mediums and a great teacher and mentor. Deborah spent one day a week with her for many years learning her use of color and composition as well as the use of values in a painting. She has such a way of leaving much to the viewers imagination by not putting much detail in and selective strokes of color and texture.

Deborah's techniques have evolved from her studies to utilize watercolor as an underpainting and layer her pastels on top to get a luminescent effect. The beauty of working with pastels is the ability to use vibrant colors and to convey different textures by applying the pastel in different stokes and changing directions with the strokes. The best part is that if you aren’t pleased with a section of your painting you can remove it and reapply the pastel and rework it. There are no brushes to clean or paint to dry. But it isn’t without mess.

Her other medium of choice is a unique use of watercolor on rice paper to create a batik effect with the use of a wax resist. This technique allows Deborah to play with watercolors in a non traditional way, when finished it is actually a mixed media painting because she uses pen and ink to outline and pastels to add highlights in the finished work.

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